Autumn Hymnal :: A Mixtape
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“There is nothing so stable as change.” Who knows what Dylan had in mind here, but his characteristically enigmatic words are aptly applied to the times we find ourselves in. If spring brought the illusion of rebirth, and summer the hard truth of the long road ahead, in autumn we can finally find some comfort in the natural changes that surround us, and the reminder that nothing is permanent.

Enter Autumn Hymnal: 23 tracks of jazz, folk and ambient suited to navigate these changes–from the celebratory catharsis of Tim Buckley, to the mournful acceptance of Anne Briggs, to the haunting beauty of Jessica Pratt. Put on your favorite sweater, pour something warm and enjoy the ride. | m roth

Autumn Hymnal :: A Mixtape

1. Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time 2. Tim Buckley – Happy Time 3. Norma Tanega – Illusion 4. Charlotte Dada – Don’t Let Me Down 5. My Partner in Crime – For Debbie 6. Bridget St John – Fly High 7. Agincourt  – When I Awoke 8. Linda Cohen – Dust 9. Prelude – Love Is 10. Kenji Endo – Manzoku Dekirukana 11. Anne Briggs – The TIme Has Come 12. Tamalone – Triangle Tune 13. Henri Roger – Ataraxie 14. Gaslight – Moonlight 15. Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Colour of Anyhow 16. Joni Mitchell – Blue On Blue 17. Gate Way – Morning Quiet Song 18. Jeff – Je M’en Fous 19. Maria Kasstan – Winter Morning Room 20. Gail Laughton – Pompeii 76 AD 21. Jessica Pratt – Crossing 22. Magnet, Paul Giovanni – Willow’s Song 23. Robbie Basho – Call On The Wind | art david phillips

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