Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 12
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Welcome back to Pretty Good Stuff: Dylan historian James Adams’ semi-regular hour-long program diving deep into the depths of all things Dwarf Music. This installment highlights Bob’s 1981 tour. Not his best year, sure, but one that deserves its due.

Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 12

00:00 DJ talk over What Can I Do for You? (1981-07-23; Basil, Switzerland)
04:31 Dead Man, Dead Man (1981-06-10; Chicago, IL)
09:07 Ballad of a Thin Man (1981-06-11; Clarkston, MI)
12:16 Paul Gambaccini interviews Bob Dylan (excerpt) (1981-06-12)
13:00 DJ talk over Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (1981-06-14; Columbia, MD)
16:40 I Believe In You (1981-06-29; London, England)
21:25 Barbara Allen (1981-07-04; Birmingham, England)
25:00 Tim Blackmore interviews Bob Dylan (excerpt) (1981-06-12)
26:28 Jesus is the One (1981-07-09; Drammen, Norway)
29:40 DJ talk over In the Garden (1981-07-25; Avignon, France)
34:16 All Along the Watchtower (1981-10-16; Milwaukee, WI)
37:05 It’s All in the Game (1981-10-19; Merrillville, IN)
40:46 Yves Bigot interviews Bob Dylan (excerpt) (1981-06-12)
41:26 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (1981-10-25; Bethlehem, PA)
43:50 Happy Birthday to Howard Alk (1981-10-25; Bethlehem, PA)
44:14 DJ talk over It Ain’t Me Babe (1981-11-8; Ann Arbor, MI)
48:55 Heart of Mine (1981-11-11; New Orleans, LA)
52:12 Dave Herman interviews Bob Dylan (excerpt) (1981-07-02)
52:56 Girl from the North Country (1981-11-12; Houston, TX)
56:22 DJ talk over When You Gonna Wake Up? (1981-11-19; Miami, FL)
1:01:00 Love Minus Zero / No Limit (1981-11-21; Lakeland, FL)
1:04:49 Out

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