California Rocker Music Picks: Rival Karma, Charlie Marie Lyons, Kid Kapichi
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  • Post published:23/09/2021
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Rival Karma Release Strong Message with ‘Honey!’

Despite it’s upbeat and bold instrumentals, “Honey!” by Rival Karma is somber in subject matter. 

“The whole E.P. was born through the idea of manifesting the band’s different emotions through music.’Honey’ is the opening track of the E.P, so while it is musically upbeat,  it is about the particular regret of not speaking up about the way you truly feel about someone…a lover, a soulmate, a friend, a relative,” the duo said.

The song showcases irresistibly gritty guitar strumming and wistful, distant vocals throughout that mourn the absence of someone special. 

The pair have toured across Europe (Italy, Spain, France Germany, UK), West Coast US,  they released their first EP to high acclaim and opened for guitar-driven group Reignwolf on select European dates.

The duo’s main influences include Queens of the Stone Age, Black Pumas, and Dave Matthews Band and have worked with producer Sam Miller, who has worked with artists such as Paloma Faith and Razorlight, among others.

Emily Rose Martin’s Voice Resonates with ‘In This Moment’

Emily Rose Martin will release a beautiful album called In This Moment that captures the most personal times of her life.

Martin is a director, actor and artist who relays her most personal experiences. The album drops on August 6. Check out her Facebook page.

“This album was created over the last two years when I was in college,” Martin said. “In that time, I turned 21, lived in another country for five months, and went through a pandemic, so needless to say there were many moments and many memories that inspired these songs.”

Martin will be moving to New York City in the fall to pursue a career in the Theatre industry with her eyes on Broadway. The Broadway stage is a reasonable goal for Martin as her voice throughout the new album projects a dramatic and heartfelt appeal.

In This Moment was produced by super Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at legendary Pearl Sound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Eminem, Filter).

Her single Someday is available.

NBA Player Inspires ‘Change’ by Charlie Marie Lyons

The philanthropic work of NBA Global Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo is the inspiration for Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Charlie Marie Lyons’ new single “Change”, and she will donate all streaming revenue from the single to support the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation’s work to build a new school in his home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

“Not only did I literally look up to Dikembe Mutombo, but I also saw his heart and what he wants to achieve in this world,” said Lyons, whose compositions and performances share unfiltered stories of pain and hope and intimacy. “He inspired me to use my voice as a tool for change.”

She Nova to Debut the Album ‘Mental’

The captivating and quirky musician She Nova has a serious message in her music, covering a range of topics from relationships to mental health. But it’s done in a manner that cuts through the BS and hits to the heart.

“Over the last six months, I have poured my heart and soul into creating something that truly represents the paradox that is my brain,” She Nova said.  “This album is written, produced and recorded 100 percent by me … speaking my truth and spilling my guts in ways you won’t be expecting. It’s unapologetic, high energy and dives deep into my mental health issues and how I see the world.”

James The Fifth Releases Dreamy ‘Pure Imagination’

It takes a wonderful sense of reality to create a great sound and amusingly bizarre video for this synthy and innovative dream-jazz number “Pure Imagination.”

Putting on and then taking off the Mozart garb, James The Fifth illustrates that even a tribute to classical music can take on a new and compelling form.

While it may seem to be all fun and games as Mozart in the sand, James The Fifth has some serious music chops. He performed an interesting guitar-synth loop performance that left people speechless at UC Berkeley Young Composer’s Concert. Stay tuned for more from this talented musician who is breaking sonic boundaries and enthralling listeners.

Red River Hymn to Drop ‘L’Anguille,’ off Upcomer ‘Oakview’

Self-proclaimed “Sad Southern Rock” group Red River Hymn announce their latest single and video for  “L’Anguille,” ahead of their upcoming EP, Oakview, due out this September.  

“This song came to life after writing the hook ‘It just can’t always be c’est la vie,’” the band said.

“This idea weaves its way through the song’s narrative about watching someone you care for making, what you think are, bad life decisions. Trying to empathize, these worries become more of a mirror to your own insecurities and shortcomings. When we decided to do a lyric video for it, we wanted it to have this pensive/reflecting feel to it, reflecting on the song’s message and feel, and put a twist on the typical lyric video.”

Drawing inspiration from The Replacements’ “The Ledge” or “Bastards of Young” music videos, we decided to give it an anti-music video style. Typically, lyric videos tend to be repeating graphics. 

SD17 Rides Again with ‘Last Chance’ 

New Mexico-based, Metal-Hard-Rock project SD17 announces a new single, “Last Chance,” which proves you never really can say goodbye. 

According to guitarist and central songwriter Tim Haverman, the song was born out of an extensive hiatus from the music scene after his first band separated in the mid-90s. After resuming writing music in 2017, Haverman decided it was time to gather new talent to release new material when COVID hit.

Not letting a pandemic get in the way of his ambitious plans, Haverman chose to see the lockdown as an opportunity to reach out to gifted musicians via the Internet after watching rock band Sammy Hagar and the Circle’s quarantine videos. He came up with “Last Chance.” 

His inspiration comes from 1950s rock and modern metal influences including Elvis and AC/DC. He decided to form his first band in the early ’90s after spending seven years in the military. SD17’s sound is anything but a “throwback to the early 80s or 90s”, it’s “new music with new talented people,” Haverman said. 

Kid Kapichi Innovates Industrial Punk with ‘This Time Next Year’

OK so Kid Kapichi’s fantastic album This Time Next Year was released in February, but we felt it necessary to point out what we’ve been missing: Truly excellent industrial punk rock. With catchy names like leadoff fuzzy scraper track “First World Goblins,” and the riffy rocker “Working Man’s Town,” this bold collection is an amazing find from a relatively new UK up and comer.

The distinct Kid Kapichi sound is reminiscent of equal parts The Clash and The Beatles infused with modern sounds of American bands like Flaming Lips, Cage The Elephant and The Strokes. Only better.

“Dotted Line” is one of the most memorable tracks we’ve heard in many years, not only for its hauntingly and deeply echoing resilience, but for its lyrics that taunt and then tear the listener apart. “Thugs” lays it on the line, calling out society’s judgmental and lockstep groupthink mentality. Kid Kapichi delivers a punch to the gut of a frustratingly complacent culture, and that’s what music is supposed to do.

Kid Kapichi’s previous recordings include the 2019 EP Sugar Tax, and the 2018 EP Lucozade Dreams. It’s refreshing to hear the gravelly, important message-driven music from Kid Kapichi. If you want to believe that rebellious rock still exists, This Time Next Year is all the proof you need. 

– Compiled by California Rocker Staff

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