Color Green :: So Far Behind
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  • Post published:17/12/2021
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With a much-anticipated full-length release slated to drop next year, Color Green primes the pump with a pair of singles that trade dusty boots and ponchos for a little worn denim and rhinestone—and everything’s still comfy as hell.

The bleary nocturnal desert visions of 2020’s self-titled EP have given way to daybreak, and we find Color Green on the glide, blazing down the boulevard in the new light of day. Coasting along on warm harmonies and breezy pedal steel, ‘So Far Behind’ is a wistful, windows-down cruiser headed straight into the sunrise, taking it easy and happy to be right where it’s at. On the other side of things, forthcoming single ‘High and Low’ is a deep head-nodder, down on its luck but never down for the count. The song has a lilting strut that just won’t quit, even when the bottom drops out briefly, only to have the band return in high style style, bringing it home with a choir worthy of Shelter Records, hollering oh sweet nothing toward the great gig in the sky.

The songs have a little more polish on them this time around, sure, but Color Green are still torn and frayed in all the right places. | j annis

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