Fine Line Lyrics – Harry Styles
 Fine Line Lyrics - Harry Styles English Song Lyrics
Fine Line Lyrics;
Harry Styles 

Put a price on emotion
I’m looking for something to buy 
You’ve got my devotion
But man, I can hate you sometimes

I don’t want to fight you
And I don’t wanna sleep in the dirt 
We’ll get the drinks in
So I’ll get to thinking of her

We’ll be a fine line 
We’ll be a fine line 
We’ll be a fine line

A test of my patience
There’s things that we’ll never know 
You sunshine, you temptress
My hand’s at risk, I fold

Crisp trepidation
I’ll try to shake this soon 
Spreading you open
Is the only way of knowing you 

We’ll be a fine line

We’ll be alright


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