Gary Craig Releases a Collection of Vivid Wisdom on ‘Yesterday Into Day’ Album
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Yesterday Into Day is the new album from Rock-Folk-Prog musician and producer Gary Craig and it emotes a wide range of hard-earned wisdom, but, refreshingly, it’s done in an upbeat and compelling style.

From the cinematic opener “Carousel of Time” to the introspective acoustic folk of “Mirrors,” to the industrialized hard rock displayed on “War Torn” the record’s a rocker but also has threads of reflection.

“Most of the songs on this album were written in the early ’90’s by a younger me but the subject matter was about time, getting older and reminiscing,” Craig said. “I rediscovered these recordings recently, as an older me, and was astonished at how the songs’ contexts really hit home today. It’s as if I went back in time and wrote these tunes as a man who had already lived the life. I was so overwhelmed that I had to record them again with today’s technology and a more seasoned me.”

It’s almost like YES meets ELO with good synth and piano carrying a lot of the storylines, particularly in “The Hobo” and “Mirrors.” There is also a strong influence of Americana, with several tracks that almost seem to honor the great singer-songwriter James Taylor. The harmonies on Yesterday Into Day are inspiring and the music resonates long after listening.

Gary Craig – Yesterday Into Day

At age 9, Gary began taking piano lessons from a blind piano teacher and at 14 he started on the bass guitar playing in garage bands with his schoolmates.

Throughout high school Gary took part in every music class he could get into including, concert and marching bands, where he played trumpet, French horn, baritone and tuba. He also played bass guitar in the jazz band where he won a seat, his senior year, performing at the Mobile Jazz Festival with the Alabama All State Jazz Band.

In college, Gary studied music and performing arts, majoring on the double bass. In the year 1984, he began his long trek playing with several different bands and performing all across the country and the world, including playing for the U.S. Troops in Europe during Operation Northern Watch.

Today, Gary still writes songs and also composes music under G. Edwin Craig ( for T.V. and film. Music has always been in his blood and it’s not about to stop now, he says.

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Yesterday Into Day

1. Carousel Of Time

2. The Hobo Song

3. Putting On The Show

4. Mirrors

5. It Never Bothered Me

6. Davita

7. War Torn

8. Generations


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