George Gritzbach Takes Listeners on Bold Blues Journey with ‘Full Circle’
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  • Post published:10/10/2021
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George Gritzbach takes listeners on a satisfying, blues-laden journey with the new album Full Circle.

Full Circle is Gritzbach’s sixth studio release and features the Cape Cod, Mass.-based songwriter’s talents and home-grown “roots, rhythm & blues” style.

Gritzbach has a gritty, inclusive sound that enables the listener to feel they’re walking, or more appropriately, running, the adventure-filled roads right alongside the veteran musician and storyteller.

The 10 songs on the album represent a full range of bluesy gems, complete with some thought-provoking and melancholy tracks as well as upbeat original classics.

Full Circle opens with the energetic rocker “All About Now,” which renders the advice everyone in our distracted society needs today: “Wherever you are, be there.”  “All About Now” has a bit of the flavor of the Grateful Dead cover version of The Spencer Davis Group tune “Gimme Some Lovin’” but its message is truly heartfelt and unique.

“Sweet Misery” could not be much sweeter than this. With excellent guitar work and vocals that yearn for missing love, this second track on Full Circle is one of the favorites. What happens with love that has run its course?

George Gritzbach Full Circle – Courtesy image

“Cheap Thrill” has the big band sound and rocks the blues about yet another marriage bust-up and the overwhelming desire to find something quick and … new. This fun song is inspiring in its quest to guide us in the right — or knowingly wrong — direction.

“Better than Gold” is the track in the No. 10-spot on the record and it’s got a touch of the bluegrass slide feel. But the album-wrapping song leaves listeners on an upbeat note and looking forward to good times.

George Gritzbach band – Courtesy image

Gritzbach works with a talented bunch of music veterans including Scott Lariviere on bass, Christian McCarthy on drums, Johnny Menezes on keyboards and Peter Murry on saxophone. 

Full Circle also features guest appearances by harmonica player Jerry Portnoy. Portnoy was a fixture in the Muddy Waters Band and toured with Eric Clapton.

Gritzbach produced Full Circle with Jay Sheehan, and we’re looking forward hearing more from these talented and inspiring creatives.

‘Full Circle’ Tracklist:

1 All About Now
2 Sweet Misery
3 One Race, Many Faces
4 Sally-O
5 Never Far Away
6 Cheap Thrill
7 Black Rose
8 Roots Rhythm & Blues
9 Burning at Both Ends
10 Better Than Gold

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