Horizon Music for Anytime of Day (A GROWING Mixtape)
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  • Post published:05/05/2021
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20 or so years ago, Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo emerged from the Olympia underground under the name GROWING, proffering a signature blend of noise and mood they refer to as “big amp ambient.” Their latest is called Diptych, a two-sided long form epic at once meditational but also ecstatic, out on Ethan Miller of Howlin’ Rain’s Silver Current Records imprint. To celebrate its release, DeNardo and Doria have assembled Horizon Music For Anytime of Day, a blend expansive jams.

Mixtape notes: Barre Phillips and John Surman, music excerpt from Merry-Go Round (Rivette ’81) ++ Bo Diddley, live 1968 ++ Harmonia, “When Shade was Born” ++ Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain” ++ Hype Williams, The Boiler Room Set (Excerpt) ++ Don Cherry, “Malkauns” ++ Pierre Barbaud, music excerpt from Ulysses (Varda ’82) ++ Ustad Zia Mohuiddin Dagar, “Raga Abhogi” (Excerpt) ++ Chaitanya Hari Deuter, Meditation Music 1st stage (Excerpt) ++ Herbie Hancock, “Chameleon” ++ Hermann Nitsch, “Harmoniumwerk (Excerpt) ++ John Coltrane, “The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost ++ Kraftwerk, “Tunge Birge” (mix, live and studio)

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