Isaiah Rashad – From The Garden Lyrics (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Isaiah Rashad - From The Garden Lyrics (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

From The Garden Lyrics;

 Isaiah Rashad 

Came out bussin
Came out puffin
Came out fuckin, on yo cousin
I do all these floozies worser 
Than they daddy but you love her 
You in trouble
I’m lil sunny
I go bbq with something
Thats you busy
It aint shit
I went shopping, left it running

Check my hunnids, check my onion 
We watch cable, at my aunty’s
Cuz my papa wasn’t trappin
But my uncle up to something
Mr. magic, Billy Batson
Mr. Magic, Billy batson
Miss me with that local hatin on a nigga, get it crackin

Im not surprised, I’m on the rise
Been a lil ride, wet as my eyes
Spam it alot, just hold it down
All I require, just hold it down
They gon shit talk when we aint around 
niggas be hating with feet on the ground 
Got the lil jet with the beat on the couch 
Nut on the Gucci and beat on her mouth

Came out bussin [x 16]

Hold on wait [x4]

Chanel on my feet, yeah thats fur on my C’s 
I be fuckin with the Bees, like Muhammad Ali 
Dip her, upper cut this thing,
Got yo bitch on the edge of her seat
She on the ecstasy, im on the bean
 Swing her the ecstasy, edge of my v
(and usually), I like repetitive beat
I like the way she moving my meat
Quality bitches, they look good to me
But I fuck the same girl cuz I dont even cheat 
That is a lie
Repetitive freak
I aint even look, No I aint even seek
I aint even peek
G5, G5
Competitive jeep
Im tryna get all the muh fuggin cheese 
Bitch Im a boss, Im wherever it be
I been on tour, I see more
I tell the motherfuckers feed me beats 
Just like my music yo bitch she elite

Came out bussin [x 16]

Im gon run it, I’m so cunning 
High tech digit, flat for button 
Passport shawty, airport prolly 
Nascar audi, Swanton bomb it 
Two white bitches, still gon kick it 
Fly shit, kicking
Steel toe pidgeon
Young like slizzy
Get back witcha
Step back, hit em with the step back swish it 
Hatin nigga hoping that it melt my glisten 
Shit might triple, shit my missile
Shit might hit you, Fridigy Parker 
And my Cody, that my nigga
I been stacking for a really 
When he pull up, they gon end it 
He went platinum, up in prison 
I’m just floating on a river

Please be early, please be gorgeous 
Please be widdit, please be for it
Let me do donuts in your foreign
Let me play number 8 while I do it 
Let me control it, I can control it
Eat it with one hand, maybe with nothin
Play with my zipper, play with my bubba 
That was yo sister, that was my summer

Came out bussin x 16


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