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  • Post published:09/11/2021
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Some voices grab you from the get-go — and Jana Horn is certainly one of those voices. Not that her vocals are strident or in your face; they rarely rise above a delicately conversational tone. But there’s a directness and ease with which she sings that makes you lean in, wanting to hear more. Think of Sibylle Baier, Tia Blake, maybe even Linda Thompson, all sublime vocalists who do a lot with a little, somehow filling in the frame with the barest of gestures.

Horn’s masterful Optimism was self-released in minimal quantities in 2020, but the ever reliable No Quarter Records is giving it a well-deserved re-press in January. It’s a gem-like collection that hangs together wonderfully, thanks not only to the songwriter’s quietly luminous presence, but also the subtle and sensitive arrangements that her band provides. Check out two songs below for a taster of things to come … | t wilcox

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