Jards Macalé :: Farinha do Desprezo
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After hanging out and recording with Caetano Veloso in his London exile, Jards Macalé returned to Brazil to lay down this slinky slab of progressive MPB. Released in 1972, just as the last embers of tropicália were still giving off heat, Jards Macalé is a stripped-down acoustic outing combining a loose, giddy irreverence with exacting rhythmic interplay. Macalé’s voice wafts throughout like a warm breeze over his rambunctious, blues-inflected Luiz Bonfá-via-Bert Jansch nylon-rambles. The opening “Farinha do Desprezo” and “Let’s Play That” hit with earthy, elastic grooves, woven behind Macale with guerilla stealth by bassist Lanny Gordin and drummer Tutty Moreno. Elsewhere, the languid “78 Rotações” and “Mal Secreto” (probably the best know song here, thanks to Gal Costa’s smoking live rendition on A Todo Vapor) turn up the bass and let minds drift gently downstream. A perfect chaser for the anyone who digs the hell out of Veloso or Gilberto Gil’s mellower early 70s records, though none of the songs would sound out of place in the hands of contemporary Sao Paulo heavies like Chico Bernardes, Sessa, and Ana Frango Elétrico. This one doesn’t come out of rotation for while, so consider yourself warned. | j annis

Jards Macalé :: Farinha do Desprezo

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