Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin Draw Out Rare Beatles Tales with ‘McCartney 3, 2, 1’
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  • Post published:25/09/2021
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By LUIS MORENO Photo Editor

Well, what else could be said, written or filmed about The Beatles?

The band has been deconstructed, reconstructed in documentaries probably more than any other band in history.  Yet, here I am watching McCartney 3,2,1 with Paul and American record producer Rick Rubin. It’s an interesting combo of McCartney and Rubin, considering Rubin helped popularize hip hop music.

It’s Rubin and McCartney just chillin’ on what appears to be a sound stage with a mixing board listening to music and a piano for Paul. They discuss songwriting and deconstruct some of the Beatles songs. As well as tell stories that only Paul can give insight, wisdom and humor to.  They talk about John, George and even Jimi Hendrix.

Rick Rubin and Paul McCartney share stories on McCartney 3, 2, 1 – Courtesy Hulu

The trivia and stories is what really captures my interest and heart. It captures me because after growing up with their music in my life and only hearing the end product, learning about the ingredients in their music that gives flavor to my love for the Beatles.

Here’s a piece of Beatle trivia I was not aware of, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album was a direct response by Paul and the Beatles to the Beach Boys Pet Sounds groundbreaking album released in 1966.

I love how Paul recounts the story of being in a club called the Bag O’ Nails with some friends and where he would eventually meet his wife Linda. And all of a sudden he heard the distinct sound of an electric guitar plugging in and Jimi Hendrix started to play and sing “Hey Joe.”

In McCartney 3, 2, 1, Macca reminisces about seeing Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall and how it was special to him even tho “all the folkies kinda booed him, they thought he’s gone over to the other side”.

I don’t know how many years I never knew the real story behind “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”  There were four theories and Paul talks about the real truth behind the song.

Bottom line, if you’re a Beatle fan, you’ll enjoy listening to stories you never knew about the band and their music.  Paul is charismatic and elegant.

McCartney 3,2,1 is on the HULU network.

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