Saad Lamjarred – ADDA ELKALAM Lyrics
ADDA ELKALAM Lyrics By Saad Lamjarred 

”ADDA ELKALAM” Arbic Song info;
Song:- Adda El Kalam (سعد لمجرد – عدى الكلام)
Artist:- Saad Lamjarred
Produced by:- iJako & lucky light & Saad Lamjarred 
Lyrics:- Amir Teima 
Composed by:- Aziz El Shafei
Music production:- Tooma
Directed by:- Hakim Ghorab
Digital Distribution: Qanawat
Released On:- Jul 15, 2020
Music Label:- Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred - ADDA ELKALAM Lyrics


شكله مش موضوع بسيط .. فيه غدر وفيه حوارات
ده أنا بسهر بالساعات .. كل ده بيحصل أوام
حاسس إني كده إبتديت .. أبقي رومانسي و ضعیف
ليه نومي بقي خفيف .. كنت لما بنام بنام
الجمال عدي الكلام .. تضحكي لي و تاخدي كام

أدفع العمر اللي جاي .. بس و تردي السلام
مش بأفور صدقيني .. حس بيا كلميني
حتي لو موضوع غريب .. اللي طالبه تفهميني
ده أنا و الله إبن ناس .. مش بعاكس م الأساس

هتقوليلي ده اندفاع .. يمكن تستغربيني
أوعي تمشي و تسيبيني .. قبل ما أخلص كلام
أنا شفتك قلبي ضاع .. و ده أصلا مش طبيعي
في الزحمة لو تضيعي .. قولي علي قلبي السلام




Its appearance is not a simple topic..
 it contains treachery and has dialogues
This is me staying up for hours.. all this happens in days

I feel like this is how I started.. I remain romantic and weak
Why did my sleep remain light.. I used to sleep when I fell asleep
Beauty is beyond words.. you laugh at me and take a cam

I pay the life that is coming.. but you will return to peace
I don’t want to believe me.. I feel like talk to me
Even if it is a strange topic.. the one who asked him to understand me
This is me, and God is the son of people.. not in contradiction to the foundation

You will tell me this is a rush.. you may surprise me
Don’t you walk and forget me.. before I finish my words
I saw you, my heart was lost.. and this is not at all normal
In the crowd if you get lost.. say peace to my heart


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