Shintaro Sakamoto :: A Dream In Bangkok
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  • Post published:19/04/2022
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This collaboration between Tokyo-based producer VIDEOTAPEMUSIC and Shintaro Sakamoto was originally conceived as a “tribute release” to support Katsuya Tomita’s film, Bangkok Nites (2016). The film tells the story of a sex worker in Bangkok reconnecting with a Japanese client from her past. “A Dream in Bangkok” captures a germane sense of dream-like nostalgia, transporting the listener to a crowded night market in Bangkok, with glimpses of an old flame peeking through breaks in the crowd. A simpatico pairing, Sakamoto and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC work well together, with Shintaro’s almost tropical guitar overlaying samples from Thai artists like Dao Bandon and Phairin Phonphibun. Fuko Nakamura’s strong vocal performance adds an enchanting, otherworldly layer to an already textured experience, promising that soon the dream will end, but for right now it remains. | j hammer

Shintaro Sakamoto/VIDEOTAPEMUSIC :: A Dream In Bangkok

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