SURFBORT Teams with ‘Jackass’ Players and Linda Perry on New Track + Video, ‘Whiteclaw’
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Edited by JOHN DALY

SURFBORT, the New York-based punkers who have captured the hearts of the LA underground scene, will be releasing a new video to accompany the track “Whiteclaw Enema Bong Hit” a visual response to the state of the nation today.

“It’s a metaphor for a party goer coming up with the most insane combination to escape their crazy current reality,” said Dani Miller, the band’s engaging lead singer. “We still party hard ourselves but it looks different now, we chug bubbly water and look out for each other. In the video, we poke fun at versions of our old, wasted selves or jocks partying in the first month of the pandemic, maskless and searching for pleasure. I think it’s important to have a balance of self-care and being of service to people in need.”

The video depicts Miller as a skateboarder in a typically satirical setup in which the SURFBORT gang collaborate with ZackAss from the upcoming Jackass Forever movie. Miller, who sets her own style parameters, has been a featured player in Gucci ad campaigns.

“Whiteclaw Enema Bong Hit” is set for a July 29 release and it’s the first single to be released off SURFBORT’s upcoming album, set for release September 24 via Linda Perry’s partnership with SoundCloud.

While Surfbort is a New York-based band, there’s a love affair with LA and the group brings its wild show to the Lodge Room in Highland Park in LA on Aug. 27.

“Whiteclaw Enema Bong Hit” is the band’s satiric answer to how partyers responded to the pandemic.

“This song is about clowning on the dangerous, ignorant, toxic, abusive, death trip that is mass blackout drinking,” said guitarist Matt Picola. “Party culture is rad, but it’s also literally destroying tons of random lives for the most cynical corporate interests on earth.”

“When society and the government sets everything up for an apocalyptic hellscape, we need to continue to come together and support each other,” Miller said.

Tickets are still available for SURFBORT at the Lodge Room on Aug. 27.

In the meantime, check out videos from SURFBORT on YouTube:

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