SUUNS Envision a World Beyond with Dreamy Track + Optical Video ‘C-Thru’
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SUUNS has released the track and accompanying video for “C-Thru” from their upcoming album, The Witness.

The Witness is set for a September 3 release on Joyful Noise.

“C-Thru” is a dreamily quirky track that transports the listener to a new place past what’s here on Earth. The “Magic Eye” video for the music takes it one step further and reinforces the need to look closer into a move to a new dimension. With “C-Thru,” SUUNS has extracted the beautiful essence of the world beyond.

The band says “C-Thru” was one of the last songs recorded for the album, The Witness, and came together quickly without much reflection, but the depth and quality of the track belie that.

SUUNS is Ben Shemie, Joe Yarmush, and Liam O’Neill. The video was directed by Jared Raab and Luca Tarantini (AOK), the custom plugin was developed by Charles Bordenave at Motion Boutique. The Kinect Auto-Stereogram workflow was first engineered by Tomasz Dysinski. Scripting help came from Zack Ryan and additional textures and models were produced by Thunk3d.scanner, Thomas Flynn, Veromcclean and 3DHaupt with special thanks to Cosette Schulz.

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Watch SUUNS video ‘C-Thru’ here:

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