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Emerging from the fertile Haledon, NJ scene of the early 1980s, The Trypes only released one EP—1984’s Explorers Hold—before morphing into Speed The Plough (a band that is still going strong today). The Trypes counted various Feelies in their ranks, and while there’s plenty of common ground between the two groups, they’re much more than just a Feelies footnote. 

There was an excellent Trypes retrospective released about a decade back by the late/lamented Acute label, but since that’s long out of print, it’s good to have this reworked 40th anniversary Music For Neighbors from Pravda Records. Explorers Hold is here in full, sounding as magical (maybe more magical) than ever, a weird and wondrous blend of minimal piano and percussion, murmuring woodwinds, ghostly Ebow guitar and gentle vocals. An off-beat Garden State classic. Filling out the picture are several other studio recordings and demos, but best of all are the powerful, previously unheard live performances from 1984 that speak to the ambition and range of The Trypes — a band that didn’t last long but burned bright. | t wilcox

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