Theoreme :: L’enfer Définitif
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  • Post published:12/11/2021
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Theoreme—the one-woman band of France’s Maïssa D—returns next month with Les Artisans, the follow-up to her 2016 debut, L’appel du Midi à midi pile. That record has stayed strong with us in the intervening five years; the album track “Let’s Start” appearing in our August 2020 mixtape, and so the announcement of a new work from the artist is most welcome.

Theoreme debuted the title track last month, showing her industrial no-wave surrealist essence in fine form, and now presents another cut off the new album, “L’enfer Définitif.” Translating to “Definitive Hell,” the track is an appropriately discordant and clanging, yet icy, inferno of minimalist proto-punk and avant-garde electronica. Delivering a matter-of-fact, detached, and disassociated prose about stairs that lead down and nothing else, Maïssa holds court over shadowy miasmas and lost souls. Forthright and commanding of your attention, she offers no false guidance, only what can be ascertained as definitive. | c depasquale

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