White Buffalo, SWMRS and NOFX Among Musicians Making Most of Online Resources During Quarantine
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  • Post published:05/05/2021
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White Buffalo and bands like SWMRS and NOFX and are among touring musicians keeping busy online while making plans on how to plot out the next six months. 

SWMRS’ Max Becker took to the socials, playing guitar and drinking green tea from his kitchen. White Buffalo posted on Instagram that live streaming would replace live gigs that have been canceled. Fat Mike said NOFX has released new songs and videos. Others shared hopeful thoughts, selfies, family photos and words of inspiration on the first Monday of Coronavirus quarantines across the U.S. and the world.

Becker put on a special Instagram performance for concert-starved fans, playing songs “Runing My Pretending” and even a cover of Abba’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme!”

“When we all can get out of this social distincing thing  we’ll be able to have fun again we just gotta stick to it,” he said. 

Besides the Abba cover, he also played “Ruining My Pretending” and “Lose It.”

But Becker is no stranger to making the most of the online world. He offers guitar tutorials online.

Check out Max Becker of SWMRS here:

White Buffalo told his followers he would participate in online streaming concerts:

“On Sunday, April 5th at 12pm PST we’ll be performing an exclusive and interactive live stream with our friends,” White Buffalo posted.

White Buffalo will be playing songs off the album On The Widow’s Walk.


Meanwhile, the ever-sarcastic Fat Mike from NOFX said the band is releasing songs earlier than anticipated because of the quarantine.

Fat Mike Dude releases NOFX music

“I realized today I have tons of NOFX songs and videos from our new album which won’t be out ’til sometime this summer,” he said on social media. “But since people are stuck at home and bored, I’m just gonna release a bunch of songs now so people can enjoy them before we’re all dead.”

Other musicians posted various messages, notes, selfies and well-wishes.

Check out the Instagram accounts here:

The Knitts
The Knitts


Gary Clark Jr. wished his wife Nicole a happy birthday – Courtesy


Guitar Lessons, anyone?


Matt Laug of The Dirty Knobs got to meet some idols via video


Major gave some emotion-evoking prayers and well wishes on the first Monday of the quarantine.


Some groups took advantage of the downtime to create business – Courtesy Suburbanliving IG


While some were morose about ‘social distancing,’ others capitalized on free hours.


Joe Perry, whose health regimen is strict, advocated for patience and staying at home.


The beautiful Sara Ontaneda spent some colorful time at home.


The Rythm Howlers did some dancing at home.


Electric Mud planned their financial future …


And PunkersTV kept everyone entertained.


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