Yohei ft. Nels Cline :: Edge Of Your Dream
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  • Post published:05/05/2021
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Edge of your Dream was initially written on Sean Lennon’s guitar about 80 miles off the coast of Cuba. An experiment in creating a track using just one chord, the idea was inspired by “Tomorrow Never Knows”, which had been the tour’s show closer. Yohei Shikano is an LA-via-Tokyo musician who leads the band My Hawaii, as well as myriad composer and production duties. Taking the track back home, he was joined by a series of musicians for live recording at his Mount Washington garden studio. With each collaborator adding a distinctively personal contribution, Jens Kuross first found the drum tempo before overdubbing a mellotron and a series of keyboards.

Elevating the sound, Nels Cline added guitar loops and a steel guitar riff–a level of improvisation that came immediately after hearing the subtle nuances of the track. Mesmerized by the perfect first take, Yohei describes Nels’s quick and immediate spontaneity as “like watching Tishori Mifune taking down the villains in Seven Samurai“.  Following a brief dormant stretch when the pandemic hit, Edge was fully realized later that summer with the addition of bass by Daniel Seeff.

Edge is as much a singular song as it is a sonic visualization project. Pressed on a specialty flexi disc, the textured collage cover and inserts reference the accompanying music video. A dark and psychedelic forage, the synchronized animation seemingly explores an abstract, haunting thought experiment. The sound & vision collaboration might be familiar to viewers of the AD Picture Show, whose animated opening by Mark Neeley is scored by Yohei’s musique concrète piece.

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